Saturday, August 28, 2010

Fall 2010

The time has arrived for the summer's research to fade into the fall's teaching. The new semester is upon us and the new faculty are with us. As part of our day of meetings on Friday, we all gathered for a few minutes to take a photo.

Standing from left to right: Chris Hughes, Sean Scully, Kim Emerson, Adriana Banu, William Alexander, Giovanna Scarel, Geary Albright, Anca Constantin and Steve Whisnant.

Seated in the middle row: Shanil Virani and Costel Constantin.

Seated in the front: Mark Mattson, Scott Paulson, Art Fovargue, Kevin Giovanetti, Harold Butner, Brian Utter, Klebert Feitosa and Dorn Peterson.

Not present: Ioana Niculescu, Gabriel Niculescu and Don Chodrow.