Monday, December 28, 2009

A short note from Lori Jackson

We here at the PandA blog, we recently heard from Lori Jackson. She writes...

Working at NRL is really great! A lot of it is very similar to the research at JMU with the detectors. Except I mostly use software that models the runs we would do to see if it's worth building a certain detector setup. The software is only linux and mac based, so I get very frustrated going home to my PC that really can't do much of anything.

To be more succinct I use SWORD (SoftWare for Optimisation of Radiation Detection) to model real life scenariors and determine the potential outcome based on various factors.
Everyone here is very nice and easy to work with. This job is truely a better oportunity than I could have hoped for in todays economy.


She's applying for graduate school to study nuclear engineering.
With a degree from JMU, how can she go wrong?!