Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Radiative polaritons at JMU

Radiative polaritons are known since their theoretical description by Fuchs and Kliewer in the sixties.  However, the reason why they are radiative was not explained, the existence of the radiation emitted was not proved, and the frequency range of that radiation was never found.  Three undergraduate students at JMU with the help of collaborators at the University of Utah and Howard University have done all this: Anita discovered why radiative polaritons are radiative, and Yosyp discovered the existence of the emitted radiation.  Yosyp and Harkirat found that the "radiated" radiation exists in the microwave to far-infrared frequency range.  For more details see the paper:  A.J. Vincent-Johnson, Y. Schwab, H.S. Mann, M. Francoeur, J.S. Hammonds, and G. Scarel, “Origin of the low frequency radiation emitted by radiative polaritons excited by infrared radiation in planar La2O3 films”.  J. Phys: Condens. Matter 25, 035901 (2013).