Thursday, February 13, 2014

Collaboration paper accepted to Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters!

Our first collaboration paper between Dr. Costel Constantin's group and Dr. Patrick Hopkins' group (from UVa) has been accepted into the Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters (see reference below). In this paper, we measured the thermal conductivity of solid, water insoluble thin films of bovine serum albumin and myoglobin proteins.  The measurements preformed in the temperature range 77 - 296 K indicate an anharmonic coupling of vibrations that is contributing to thermal conductivity.  Our own undergraduate, Chester Szwejkowski, is also a co-author on this work and he will join (as a graduate student!) Patrick's lab this Fall of 2014.  We wish him GOOD LUCK!

B. M. Foley, C. S. Gorham, J. C. Duda, R. Cheaito, C. J. Szwejkowski, C. Constanin, B. Kaehr, P. E. Hopkins. "Protein Thermal Conductivity Measured in the Solid State Demonstrates Anharmonic Interactions of Vibrations in a Fractal Structure". accepted in JPCL 2014.