Thursday, March 20, 2014

JMU Physics Undergraduate Students at ORNL

Brian Lang and Harkirat Mann, undergraduate Physics Students at JMU, work in the research Group of Dr. Scarel.  They participated during the Spring Break 2014 week to an experiment at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Oak Ridge (TN).  Here are their impressions of the experience:

Brian: “My visit to Oak Ridge Nation Lab was one of the best trips I’ve gone on for spring break.  It was a great opportunity to visit a national lab and to work alongside our host, Dr. Illia Ivanov. We got to experience firsthand what it could be like to work in a national lab, and I must say each day I was excited and eager to get up and start the days experiment!”.  Brian is on the right in the picture below!

Harkirat: “During the dates of 03/09 to 03/12, our research group visited Oak Ridge National Labs to conduct a series of measurements using a near infrared source provided by our host Dr. Illia Ivanov.  We worked within the Center for Nanophase Material Sciences, where we were given the unique opportunity as undergraduate students to participate in a national lab setting.  In addition to the measurements we conducted, we were also given a small tour of the campus by our host.  This has been by far one of the best spring break trips I have taken.”  Harkirat is on the left on the picture below!