Thursday, October 23, 2014

Demystifying the Expert: The 1st Event in Images

   With the first event 3 weeks behind us and the second one only 2 weeks away,  it's time to start getting excited about the JMuse Café Demystifying the Expert series again! In case you've missed the previous post and the advertisements around campus, this series of events serves as a means by which to connect the scientific community of JMU with the general public in a unique and fun way through improv comedy. Each event consists of a panel of comedians from JMU's only improv group, New and Improv'd, and an expert whose expertise is unknown to both the panel and the audience at the beginning of the event. Throughout the evening the expert is demystified through games, discussions, and brief Q&A sessions. As we prepare for the event on November 6 with our expert  Chris Hughes, we've put together several pictures from the first event for those of you who weren't fortunate enough to attend:
Brief introductions of (from left to right) the Hosts, Shanil Virani, and the panel of comedians
Did I mention there's food?
Hosts Dr. Klebert Feitosa and Dr. Anca Constantin having the time of their lives! 
A member of the live audience enjoying the show
Many JMU students were in attendance!
The wonderful panel of comedians
An action shot of our panelists interacting with the expert
We had a brief break, but not the expert! The questions continued all evening
The view of the event from above

-Keely Criddle
JMuse Café/Physics & Astronomy Blogger