Tuesday, January 20, 2015

JMU Ladies Represent Women in Physics

Over the weekend of January 16th-18th, @JMU #Physics was represented at the 10th annual Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physics (#CUWiP) at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina. The ladies joined women from all over the region at the research triangle, where they attended talks and presented research in all areas of physics.

From the left, Hannah McFarland, Nicole Creange, Alexandra Iuga, Catherine Witherspoon, and Keely Criddle.

As pictured above, undergraduate women from physics (Alexander Iuga, Catherine Witherspoon, Nicole Creange, and Keely Criddle) and biology (Hannah McFarland) attended and presented their research at the conference this weekend in the subject areas of condensed matter physics, astronomy, biophysics, and soft condensed matter. This was a great opportunity for the women of the JMU Department of Physics and Astronomy to meet and talk with women from all over the region about the careers in physics in academics and industry.

Keely presented a talk on her soft condensed matter research with Dr. Feitosa on the mechanical properties of hydrogel beads. We have no picture of this because Keely's talk was so awesome and they forgot to take one.

Nicole (below) presented at poster on her computational condensed matter research with Dr. Haraldsen and Dr. C. Constantin on understanding the optical properties of Ga-doped graphene.

Nicole Creange

Catherine (below) presented a poster on her astronomy research with Dr. A. Constantin on the study of the properties of Masers in the mid-infrared region.

Catherine Witherspoon

Hannah (below) presented a poster on her condensed matter/biophysics research with Dr. Haraldsen on the investigation of using graphene nanopores for DNA base sequencing.

Hannah McFarland

Great job, ladies! Way to represent the university, department, and women in physics and science.