Friday, May 01, 2015

JMU's presence at international workshop in particle & nuclear physics

Every year the particle and nuclear physicists, experimentalist and theorists alike gather together for a weeklong workshop to discuss the latest developments in Deep Inelastic Scattering and related processes.

This year more than 200 physicists representing a plethora of international labs: LHC, KEK, RHIC, Fermilab, JLab, DESY are meeting (April 27 to May 1) at the XXIII DIS 2015 International Workshop at Southern Methodist University in Dallas Texas. The JMU Physics and Astronomy's Particle and Nuclear Physics Group (JMU PNP) were major contributors to several of the talks presented, including a talk on quark-hadron duality on the neutron delivered by Dr. Gabriel Niculescu (see photo).  As the conference started, JMU PNP members were informed that their paper on q-h duality on the neutron was accepted for publication in Physical Reviev C (PRC).