Tuesday, September 05, 2017

The new and the old of this new beginning

With the days a tad chilly and breezier than we expected, and after already a full week of classes, we welcome the new freshmen and by now experienced sophomores, juniors and seniors physics majors.  Some enter their first steps into the physics world, while some are getting ready to step outside the ivy towers and blend into the real world.  It will all happen with increasing confidence that more is known about how everything works, because they have inquired into it.

Here is this year's PandA (Physics and Astronomy) team of friends and helpers (left to right):

Front row (sitting): Kenisha Ford, Lynn Lucatorto, Kim Emerson, Chris Hughes, Sean Scully, Klebert Feitosa

Back row: Jason Sterlace, Masoud Kaveh-Baghbadorani, Jacob Brown, Mark Mattson, Harold Butner, Ioana Niculescu, Scottie Pendleton, Gabriel Niculescu, Geary Albright, Costel Constantin, Anca Constantin, Tehani Finch, Giovanna Scarel, Keigo Fukumura, Kevin Giovanetti, Adriana Banu, Harry Hu

We now stare at the specter of the teaching and research we planned for the 2017-2018 year and the life beyond it.  We, the faculty, are eager to get to know you all better every day, whether that is through the derivations and explanations of physical phenomena, the quiz questions, the labs and homework sets we devise especially for you, or through the hall conversations we end up luring
you in, and therefore pausing you from your way to whatever your life takes you at that moment. 

We are, as usual, pretty psyched to keep you posted about our busy schedules, about why, what, and how we learn about state-of-the-art technologies and about the basics of physics needed pretty much everywhere you turn your head to, that we are pursuing in our labs.   

It continues to be a blast!