Sunday, April 13, 2014

Spring Picnic 2014: Physics Phun in the Sun!

On Sunday April 13th 2014, the @JMU Physics and Astronomy Department celebrated the onset of spring (finally!) with our departmental picnic at Purcell Park. Organized by Dr. C. Constantin, the department provided various foods and drinks for the students, staff, and faculty of the JMU physics and astronomy department. Dr. G. Niculescu (pictured below in his styling apron) cooked hot dogs and hamburgers (both beef and vegetarian), while others brought their favorite dishes and snacks.

After eating and chatting, the competitive spirit caught on and the departmental soccer (futbol) game ensued. Teams captained by Dr. C. Constantin and Dr. Feitosa played energetic game of Romania vs. Brazil!

Everyone had a blast and is looking forward the Fall Picnic...Now get back to work! Finals are coming!

Pictures by Dr. J.T. Haraldsen