Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Demystifying the Expert

There is a new show in town, and it’s having SCIENCE and COMEDY as the main protagonists!

JMU’s JMuse Cafe embraces a new format this year, at the nudge of two Physics & Astronomy faculty, Anca Constantin and Klebert Feitosa, and brings forward a novel way to stimulate the much needed dialogue between and among scientists and the public. With our “Demystifying the Expert” series of four up-beat, visually and socially appealing events where good-natured scholars trade barbs with comedians, all of us are bound to marvel at how much we can learn while laughing out loud.

The goal is to playfully explore interesting and unusual phenomena that science reveals, and their uses in modern life. All four events planned for the year will feature the JMU’s Improv’d Troupe trying to guess what our expert guest studies all day when they are not in the classroom teaching the science classes you all love (or don’t? and now you have the chance to really understand why or even change your mind about it).

It is planned to be a hilariously unique venture into the worlds of physicists, astronomers, mathematicians, chemists and the like.

It’s interactive!

It should be the Pick of the Day!

So mark your calendars! All events are scheduled on Thursdays at 6:30pm (doors 6:15):

*** Fall 2014
Oct. 2: astronomy, galaxies, black holes, X-rays
Nov. 6: plastic electronics, gold, physics of baseball

***Spring 2015
Jan. 29: mystery and calculus, hyper surfaces and evolution
Feb. 26: renewable energy, polymers, hybrids and performance

The Experts themselves are revealed close to the date of each event (see above the flyer announcing the first event for October 2), and especially during the event...

And we sure are going to blog about them all.