Friday, September 26, 2014

Our students dabble into science journalism!

With the new JMuse events aimed at Demystifying the Experts, who are, at least for this year, all scientists (an astronomer, a physicist, a chemist and a mathematician), and the ever increasing need to open communication between scientists and the rest of the world, we encouraged our students to try their hand at science writing.

Hence, we have a guest blogger for the year: Keely Criddle, who is a senior in our department, and can operate like a wiz the star ball of JMU’s John C. Wells Planetarium.

Keely's previous writing experience includes being one of the “Not-So-Closet Geeks” group who blogged book reviews while she was in high school, and her application for this position revealed that she is well aware of the skill set required for communicating science results to a wide audience. Her fingers are nimble too (after all, she has been a piano performance major at JMU before she saw the light and switched to physics).

With Keely on board, we are all looking forward to a rather regular abundance of science news that happen out there in the whole wide world, or right here at JMU.