Sunday, October 25, 2015

By Students, For Students, and Bringing in More Students

The James Madison Society of Physics Students (SPS) has been providing a social outlet for the physics students here for years, and is truly a central aspect of the physics community.  I asked a range of students how they view the current SPS, and the different services and events they provide for the students.

When asked how inviting the SPS is, all of the students said that the current SPS does a very good job.  The SPS transmits information about the organization and its events very efficiently, and the newly renovated student lounge is very "relaxed and welcoming."  Underclassmen cited that this allows them not only to know the people in their class, but also junior and senior physics majors.

These initiatives, such as the mentoring program, help underclassmen with much of the intimidation they have of upperclassmen, particularly seniors.  Similarly, some expressed the importance of activities to create a sense of community among the freshman class early on in their first semester, since "240 is pretty spread out," meaning many freshman do not know each other.  This might help more students stay in the major.

When asked what other activities or events the SPS should host, it was suggested that the society hosts "topic studies," which involves students studying a topic together in an informal, yet productive, manner.  That said, everyone expressed their great satisfaction in the SPS, and said that the society fulfills everything that is expected of them.  To eveyone who helps make the SPS function, thank you for providing such a great community!