Friday, October 30, 2015

Standing Out and Gaining an Edge in Pre-Med

When it comes to pairing a major with the Pre-Med track, only a few people choose to pursue Physics, with most people choosing either Biology or Chemistry.  Devin Buennemeyer and Premal Patel, however, go against the grain, and argue as to why more people should do the same.

"Physics gives you critical thinking skills required of a doctor," argued Premal, "both in planning and how to think on your feet...  These are essential in situations like ER."  Devin added on, saying that "[physics] has allowed me to understand my Pre-Med classes better... Now I can understand the processes within the body much better by applying my physics knowledge."  Such topics include fluid dynamics, pressure systems, Brownian motion, and even electromagnetism.

Despite these academic positives (along with a resume that stands out amongst a plethora of applicants), there are a great number of fears and myths that dissuade people from choosing a Physics & Pre-Med route.

When asked why most Pre-Med's shy away from Physics in general, Premal stated that "it's mostly rooted in their physics experiences in high school.  They think of it as a very big barrier in their life... and they don't want to do it again."  Devin agreed, "A lot of people have a bad initial exposure to physics...  They think it's impossible, and that it's ridiculous to be a physics major."  Premal added that too many Pre-Med's are timid of the math behind the physics.  "They're running away for the wrong reasons...  They don't realize that math is a form of logic, and they'll use a lot of math when they're doctors."

In regards to practically completing the route in four years, Devin answered, "Physics & Pre-Med is unique... And there are challenges that come along with being unique, such as less advice on scheduling."  "The Bio-Physics track has the same requirements as a Pre-Med, with a few more [physics] classes on top," said Premal.  "To do pre-med proper, though, there are a few more Bio & Psych classes to prepare for the MCAT."  It should be noted that Devin, in spite of these constraints, is set to complete the Physics & Pre-Med route in the planned four years this coming Spring, and has had enough time to participate in clubs, maintain a high GPA, and score very well on the MCAT.

"I looked into physics, and the reason I chose it was because I failed it," expressed Premal, who went on to explain how the major, despite its hardships could only add to his intelligence and skills.  "There are many factors involved in any problem as a doctor, just as there are in physics."  "Physics majors have the highest IQ score," said Devin, "and to study what the smartest people in the world study is daunting...  Don't let the challenges intimidate you, let them encourage you."