Friday, December 11, 2015

Showing Off Our Students

As a Department, we often talk about all of the places that we've sent our students to.  Whether its recruiting new students, applying for research grants, or just letting the current student body know about the opportunities and connections available to them, there always a need to convey this information.

However, instead of telling people where JMU Physics & Astronomy has been, why don't we show it?

Well now you can!  Hanging in the middle hallway of the Physics floor is a map depicting where our students have gone for Graduate School, participated in REU's & internships, and presented their research at conferences.

This piece allows people to know about the geographic and scholastic opportunities of our department without even talking to a professor, as well as inform students on otherwise unknown REU opportunities, such as MAX IV Lab or Embry-Riddle.

If you know a student (past or present) whose grad school, research experience, or conference is not listed on here, please let the current Student Physics Blogger know so they can add them!  We want this project to be one that not only grows with the department, but also catalogs the achievements of past students.

Many thanks to everyone who helped make this project possible, including Codie Lewis, Adam Miner, Josiah Lapolla, Premal Patel, Natali Bushamani, Evan Meekins, and Dr. Adriana Banu.