Friday, September 16, 2016

Our Student Bloggers for 2016-2017: Yvonne Kinsella & Joseph LoPreto

For the 2016-2017 academic year we are rolling with not one, but two student bloggers. There seems to be so much passion for writing this year, some weren't gonna keep those talents hidden.
Let's meet them, in no particular order:

Yvonne Kinsella: is currently a junior physics major here at JMU. Being from Massachusetts, she refers to Dunkin' Donuts as "Dunks" and uses the word "wicked" as an adverb. She claims that JMU has given her the unique experiences of school being canceled for less than an inch of snow and a winter that lasts less than six months. And, of course, so much more: Yvonne is a member of Dr. Hughes' research group and worked as a Learning Assistant for Physics 240 last fall. Now, she is thrilled to have gotten the opportunity to be a writer for the Physics & Astronomy blog.

"Growing up," she says "I always wanted to be a writer. I was writing as early as age nine or ten, and rediscovering things you wrote at age ten when you are nineteen or twenty is a hilarious experience. I also have a love for science; otherwise, I would not be a physics major. I am excited to be able to bring my long time love of writing and my dedication to physics together this school year here on the Physics & Astronomy blog!"

Joseph LoPreto: is a third year student at JMU studying Physics and Secondary Education. He grew up in Front Royal, VA, which is an hour north of Harrisonburg.

 More about him, in his own words: I have always enjoyed science-fiction, and eventually that led me to physics. I just love how diverse the field is, ranging from quantum physics to astrophysics, mechanics to electromagnetism to thermodynamics. Besides that, there are so many fun little experiments you can try in physics, like lighting grapes on fire with a microwave.

Aside from physics, I also really love reading. Going back to the bit about sci-fi, I am currently trying to read as many Philip K. Dick books as I can get my hands on (a popular one you may have heard of is, “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep”, which is what the Blade Runner movies are based on).

Other fun facts about him: he did theatre in high school, he has been to Greece, Italy and France, and more recently, he has worked as an intern at Jefferson Labs during the summer of 2016 (and highly recommend any of you other students applying for the SULI internship if you get the chance). He promised a blog post about this particularly enlightening experience.