Tuesday, September 13, 2016

The new and the old: starting again

The 2016-2017 academic year has kept us busy for a few weeks now!  It's been an abundance of new colleagues, classes, and new students to think about and prepare and mentor, and the old stuff that kept us busy during the summer didn't magically disappear. The lab measurements still needed fine tuning, the calculations still needed further testing, the papers and the proposals still needed to be finalized and submitted.  But who's complaining.    

The long meetings before the first day of classes were over, and we prepared our smiles for you to meet us all, on two rows: 

Starting from the back row, from left to right, you see: Herb Slade, Giovanna Scarel, Kim Emerson, Scottie Pendleton, Chris Hughes, Jason Sterlace, Ioana Niculescu, Marcelo Dias, Adriana Banu, Geary Albright, Tahani Finch, Costel Constantin, and Scott Paulson.

Then back on the first row, from right to left, you'll find: Sean Scully, Klebert Feitosa, Kevin Giovanetti, Keigo Fukumura, Jacob Brown,  Anca Constantin, Masoud Kaveh-Baghbadorani, Ilarion Melnikov, and Mark Mattson.

Missing from the photo this year are Harold Butner, Harry Hu, Gabriel Niculescu, Shanil Virani, and Bradley Newcomer.

Steve Whisnant is surely missing us.  You'll believe this so long as you don't check out his blog, about his new chapter.  He is the same funny guy.