Tuesday, April 06, 2010

2010 Spring Symposium Winners

This year three students distinguished themselves by presenting excellent papers on their research work. The faculty select the top three papers and small monetary prizes are awarded.

This year the first prize goes to Christopher Willis for his paper "Direct Observation of the Sigma- hyperon in electroproduction using the CLAS Detector at Jefferson Lab". This work was done with Drs. Ioana and Gabriel Niculescu.

Second place goes to Collin Wilson for the work he did with Dr. Sean Scully on "Testing the Influence of Stochastic Processes on the Ultrahigh Energy Cosmic Ray Spectrum"

And third place goes to Patrick McCauley for "Formaldehyde... In Space! Determining the densities of protostellar cores" done with Dr. Harold Butner.
Congratulations to these outstanding students! We are proud of them.