Saturday, April 10, 2010

Research Support from the NSF

March is the season for hearing from the National Science Foundation about the success (or failure) of a proposal. This year all the nuclear physics folks - Steve Whisnant, Kevin Giovanetti, Ioana and Gabriel Niculescu - were on pins and needles as all waited for the news on pending proposals.

The good news that both Ioana and Co. and Steve were funded!

Ioana, Gabe and Kevin submitted a proposal entitled "RUI: Probing Subatomic Physics Via Lepton Interactions" For the three years of the grant, they've been funded for $358,000.

Steve's proposal, "RUI: The Study of Photonuclear Physics with Polarized Beams and Targets" was funded for three years for a total of $171,000.

This means three more years of student research opportunities in nuclear physics. Three more years of student participation in nuclear research both on- and off-campus. And three more years of quality preparation of our students for entry into the workforce and graduate school.

Congratulations all around.