Saturday, September 19, 2015

Meet This Year’s Student Blogger: Evan Meekins

The newly (last year’s) established tradition, to have a student blog for this house (department, that is) continues this year with… Evan Meekins.  We bid Keely fair well in her new journey into graduate school in physics at Emory University.

Evan was an easy and rather obvious choice, albeit from among a few passionate applicants for this position.   Evan is a published author.  "The Black Banner" is his first book, and fans of fantasy fiction and those new or unfamiliar to the genre are strongly encouraged to give it a read.  He confesses that this is only the first in a series of fantasy fiction novels which revolve around the fictional land of Verden amidst, obviously, quite a variety of enchanting adventures.    Here is a good place to start.

You have read about his accomplishments in nuclear astrophysics here and here.  He spent last summer as a SUPERS at University of Pennsylvania as one of the interns in this prestigious undergraduate program for educating radiation scientists. 

He plans to enchant us with a post per week.   Nevertheless, chances are we might see more than that from him.  He seems unstoppable.    While, in his own words, the work ethic of a student author cannot be a game of “catch-up”, but rather it needs need to be a “finish ASAP” mentality in order for any real time to be given to writing, he wholeheartedly applied for this position, and he is on a roll on this new endeavor. 

We had an unusual visit for our seminar last week, and Evan’s first post with impressions about this (double) event is coming soon.  Get ready for yet another fantastic ride on News and Feats from JMU’s Physics and Astronomy Department.